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Ryusen Japanese Maple

  • Palmate foliage in a weeping form!
  • 6′ – 10′ if staked
  • Attractive green star-shaped leaves
  • Fall color is brilliant orange/red
  • The name ‘Ryusen’ means flowing waters
Out Of Stock Acer palmatum 'Ryusen' 5 - 8 Full sun to partial shade N/A , .
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    Evan M.
    Like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.

    “Trees speak to the mind, and tell us many things, and teach us many good lessons,” an English gardener wrote in the seventeenth century. I couldn’t agree with him more. There’s a little magic in everything living. An alchemy which draws us in and makes us better for the knowing it. I feel that way about all trees, I’ve been drawn to them from as long as I can remember. This tree is to replace an Orangeola Japanese Maple that I loved dearly and raised from a seemingly weak, haphazard, halfassed twig I’d stuck in a rather attractive pot. Someone stole that tree from my garden on Christas Eve. I hope it will be loved and bring joy to someone. I had been wanting a Ryusen for quite some time and wasn’t quite to the point of brining another tree into my life. But, as circumstance dictated here I am. The tree arrived quiet and quick, no fireworks, no band, just a bristling hovering just a zero day in Michigan, and an icy wind. I said hello as I unboxed it and tucked it into the corner of the porch with its new family. You can tell these trees are loved, that they mean something to someone in how they’re packaged, in how you have to really search for any grafting scars, in how upon first sight you know they’ve lived a good life. At once, it inspires you not to let them down. If you’re looking for a tree, trust the universe, yourself, and moreover Maples N More Nursery to get you what you need.

    Really nice tree

    Beautiful tree, enjoy for many years to come


    Ryusen is an outstanding weeping maple that can easily be trained into as many unique forms as your imagination allows!

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    2 gallon, 3 gallon


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