Slow Release Fertilizer – 2lb


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This is a general slow release fertilizer that is coated with plastic resin or sulfur based polymers. This fertilizer slowly breaks down from heat, sunlight and/or water. Over application of quick releasing fertilizers can result in the burning of plants. Using slow release fertilizers eliminates the risk of fertilizer burn and it stays in the soil longer. Always fertilize according to the directions on the specific fertilizer. This is the same fertilizer that we use here at the nursery.

Application rate:

In soil: 1/4-1/2 cups per cubic foot.
Bedding plants: 3/4-1 cup per 10 sq. ft.
Containers:  1g – 1 tsp, 2g – 2 tsp, 3g – 3 tsp.

Click this link to check your frost dates: Frost Dates.

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Please Note: We currently do not ship plants to Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon or Washington. These states have strict shipping regulations against pests from other states. Extended transit time is also a factor in this decision. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Many factors influence which plants will thrive in a given location. Heat, cold, and elevation are just a few that can have a big impact.
Plants may have been recently potted up and have not completely rooted in. Please grow them in the pots one full growing season before planting in the ground.

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