Leather Pruner Holster

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Have you been looking for a gift that will be used throughout the growing season? Look no further! Our leather pruner holster will make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for the plant lover in your life. Or buy one for yourself. No more laying your pruners down and forgetting where you left them. Not to mention leaving them out in the rain! That gets costly for blade and tool replacements when they rust closed.

Locally hand-crafted leather pruner holster. Your choice of 4 designs: Maple leaf, butterfly, flower and dragonfly. Comes with both a belt loop and a metal clip on the back, so it can be carried with or without a belt. These were molded to fit Felco F-2 type pruners. Felco’s direct site is here. Also tested is the Corona BP3180, 3214 and Harbor Freight sku# 97062 bypass pruners. Other pruners may fit as well.

If you need a general purpose fertilizer that feeds for 2 – 3 months, we sell it here.

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